Make Your Roadside Emergency Kit Your Own

You can't always avoid getting into a bad situation, like having a breakdown or having car trouble, but you can be prepared for when it happens. You want to be able to handle any situation and have the tools you need to survive. Your vehicle should always have a roadside emergency kit in it and it should be well-stocked.
Some items that you want to have in it are a First-Aid kit, nonperishable food items, and bottled water. It should also have a tow rope, jumper cables, and a flashlight and batteries. (Store the batteries separately in case they corrode.) You should have a cell phone and charger, flares or reflective triangles, and anything else that would be helpful in the area where you travel. For instance, if you live in or are traveling to a place with winter conditions, then you'll want to have warm blankets, an ice scraper, and sand or cat litter. Be extra prepared.
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