An Overview of Different Tire Types

In the world of tires, not all rubber is equal. Tires can vary significantly in size, construction, and capability. On top of that, different vehicle segments often require different kinds of tires. Tires are a big enough subject to write a book on, so how do you know which kind to get for your Ford model?

While tire types can vary considerably, most fall in one of four basic categories: all-season, summer, winter, and off-road.

All-season tires are the bread and butter of the auto industry. Most vehicles roll off the line with a set of all-season tires because of their versatility. They're designed to maintain grip and performance throughout a variety of conditions.

Summer tires are designed to produce excellent grip. With soft rubber and shallow tread, they provide great traction for performance card, but don't do well in cold weather or challenging road conditions.

Winter tires are specifically designed for colder weather and snowy or icy road conditions. Harder rubber and deep tread make them great for the winter months. They can drastically improve cold-weather traction, even for rear-wheel drive performance cars.

Off-road tires vary the most of all the tire types. If you can think of terrain type, there's an off-road tire specifically designed for it. They all share one thing though: they're designed to perform when the asphalt ends.

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