Driving Around Dallas: Gaston County

We’re taking a road trip to Dallas! No, not the city in the lone star state, but rather Gaston County’s very own Dallas, the small town just north of Gastonia and north-west of Keith Hawthorne Ford of Belmont’s headquarters. Big or small, we made a vow to explore our local land and we’re going to find some big time fun in this small town. Follow along as we hop in for a quick journey in the 2019 Ford Fusion and travel on I-85 west on over to Dallas, North Carolina. 

The Pita Wheel

Everything in Dallas has a real “small town” feel, and while The Pita Wheel might not blow you away with aesthetics, it may very well convince you it’s a contender with its food! The food is plentiful and purely delicious, ranging from classic burgers, to Gyros, and a ton of options in between. Whatever sandwich or meal you decide upon, you have to try out the onion rings and mac n' cheese. The Pita Wheel doesn’t need a fancy modern building to prove how good it is. Simple, fast, and oh-so-tasty, next time in Dallas you have to check this joint out!

The Pickle Bistro and Bar

I’ll be honest, if your name includes “Pickle” I’m going to have to give the place a shot. I think everyone along for the trip can agree with me, that while the pickles are great, the overall product is fantastic! From the simple tater tots, to the Barbecue, it’s all mouth watering, so even if Pickles aren’t your favorite you’ll be impressed with or without them. The Pickle Bar is actually based out of a century old house with a large covered deck for outside seating and features a really cool bar with all sorts of drinks, beers, and more. Here you can partake in corn-hole, shoot some pool, other games, and even enjoy some awesome live entertainment. Be sure to give The Pickle Bar a try next time you find yourself in Dallas, North Carolina!

Ole Dallas Brewery

A small town deserves a good brewery, and Ole Town Brewery delivers. Big town or small town, this brewery impresses with it’s “flagship” Brews and a warming and friendly staff. They have the Pale Rebel Y’ale, a great light beer that goes down smooth. For those that love that hoppy taste and a bit of citrus, be sure to check out the Cross Roads IPA, and If you’re looking for a something a bit darker and robust, be sure to try a mug of Ole George’s Porter, a brew named after George Milfflin Dallas – the man who the town is named after! A small-town brewery with big time beers and even better people, be sure to check them out next time you’re in Dallas, NC.

While Dallas, North Carolina is a small town, it’s got more then enough options for a fun day filled with laughs and some really good eats.


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