Ford Mach-E Electric SUV: Updated With Info


Rumors have been speculating all year about the newest SUV addition to the Ford lineup and it seems that it’s finally time for Ford to unveil what has car enthusiasts everywhere giddy with excitement and speculation. While the team here at Keith Hawthorne Ford of Belmont doesn't have all the details quite yet, what we do know is Ford used the 2020 Mustang as inspiration to design and engineer their upcoming all-electric SUV crossover, often referred to although not fully confirmed just yet, the Mach-E. The full-blown unveiling and announcement is set for November 17th, 2019 and that’s when all the key details such as trim levels and specs that we've all been craving for will be released to consumers and the media. We’ll be updating this blog so you can read all there is to know in the coming days.

What We Know So Far

As of now, there has been a lot of speculation without much confirmation but there are a few key details that Ford was kind enough to share. One of those being that the Mach E will have a range of 300 miles, and we know for sure that it’s main points of design are directly inspired by the 2020 Mustang, with the headlights and taillights featuring a near identical look to the legendary pony car, and a roofline that keys in on it as well. With Ford ending production on its sedan lineup, including their most fuel-efficient models, they’re aiming to make the Mach-E truly special yet still affordable enough to fill the void for consumers looking to stay environmentally friendly.

Since there is still a lot of speculation ahead of release, we don’t want to expose too many details that may or may not be 100% confirmed, but needless to say the automobile world is in store to see something truly unique and new from the legendary Ford brand.



Ford unveiled the all-new, all-electric Mach-E and released some key details about its upcoming Mustang-Inspired SUV. There's much to learn between now and release but be sure to check out below to see our vehicle highlights!

Trim Level's and Release Dates:

  • First Edition – 2020
  • Premium – 2020
  • California Route 1 – 2021
  • Select – 2021
  • GT Performance – 2021

2 Battery Sizes & Range

The Mach-E will be available with 2 Battery Options*

  • Standard-range version equipped with a 75.7-kilowatt-hour, 288-cell pack
  • Extended-range equipped with a larger 98.8-kilowatt-hour battery pack with 376 cells

*Range from 210 to 300 mile at full charge. Max range depends on battery size and drivetrain. Rear wheel drive and All wheel drive available. 

Key Model Details:

  • 15.5-inch touchscreen
  • Tech Tray w/ Mobile Charging Built in
  • Cloud connected infotainment w/ real time traffic
  • New Ford Material: Sensico - Synthetic vegan friendly interior
  • 40.5 Inch Best-In-Class headroom & 41.7 Inch legroom
  • Drainable front trunk; doubles as cooler (tailgating)
  • Rear Wheel drive or All Wheel drive configurations
  • Newest Infotainment system; Ford Co-pilot 360 2.0
  • Handle Free ergonomic door entry
  • 18, 19, 20-inch wheel (rim) sizes available across trim levels
  • GT Performance equipped with 459 horsepower and 612 lb.-ft of torque capable of 0-60 in 3.5 seconds


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