Available Protection Programs


Vehicle Service Contract
A mechanical breakdown policy that covers the costs of parts and labor for covered repairs. Available with various coverage levels and deductible options. May also include rental car reimbursement and towing allowance.

Vehicle Maintenance Programs
Prepaid maintenance programs that may include oil and filter change, 20-point inspection, fluid top-off, routine lubrication and tire rotation with every other visit. Available in various terms and mileage intervals.

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)
Will pay or waive the difference between the actual cash value and net loan payoff in the event your vehicle is a total loss due to fire, theft, or collision. May also include payment of your insurance deductible.

Tire & Wheel and Roadside Assistance Program
Covers the repair or replacement of your tires and/or wheels due to damage from a road hazard. Includes the cost of mounting, balancing, valve stems, labor, and sales tax. Provides 24 hour roadside assistance that includes change of flat tire, delivery of gas, oil, or water, jump start, locksmith service, and towing.**

Appearance Protection Program
Protects the exterior finish of your vehicle from oxidation and the elements, and the interior from staining, fading, and aging. There is a 5-year limited warranty on covered damage.
Theft Programs

Theft Programs


Vehicle recovery system that works in conjunction with the police department. Reimburses the price of the system if vehicle is stolen and not recovered within 24 hours while under the two-year warranty period.

Theft Protection Program
A vehicle marking program that deters thieves from stealing your vehicle for parts. Pays a cash benefit of $2500 or $5000 (based on selection of coverage) if your vehicle is stolen and not recovered or deemed a total loss when recovered.

Full-featured security systems including alarms, transponders, starter disablers, and remote start functions. May pay insurance deductible up to $2000 if vehicle is stolen and not recovered.